Blaze Billions Bio

Sensational producer Blaze Billions has been working at the top level of the music industry since 2002

In that year alone Blaze Billion’s music featured on “Love and War”, the debut album by Jerzee Monet from Dreamworks records. Following that In Europe, not long after this release, Blaze Billions co-wrote with songwriter Michelle Escoffrey (recent projects including Liberty X and Tina Turner) “Hot” in Play’s second album, Replay from Sony International.

Blaze Billions musical abilities have caught the attention of various artists from UK and the US including Jamelia, Beverly Knight, Gabrielle, Elisha LaVerne and Dave Stewart from the UK. Mandy Moore, Eric Roberson, Will Smith, Changing Faces, Vanesssa Williams, Ice T and Johnny Wright Management from the US.

The finishing touches are now in place for Blaze Billion’s newest venture to date. The 10 Riddim album, for this Blaze Billions is hitting the reset button and going back to his roots.

Having always been torn between R&B and Reggae, Blaze’s sound in the early days was always predominantly influenced by heavy bass lines from Reggae and Dancehall. Following this, it was only after Blaze spent a lot of time in and around the Miami and New York music scene that quad bass began to form a major part of his unique sound

One of the most well rounded producers, song writers and composer today. Blaze Billion’s is now introducing Europe to his style of Dancehall music. Combing Dancehall with Pop and Dance and so creating a new twist on the phrase R&B. Riddims & Beats”.

Blaze has been testing the market with a few remix’s, which have included Mark Morrison, Gabrielle, DMX and Sinead O’Conner which continue to push the urban boundary effortlessly mixing different genre’s and keeping him one step ahead of the curve.

“It’s funny how things change right. It’s good to be urban now because there is a market for it. The key for me is to keep working in the studio, creating and planning the next production ideas. The recession closed down some major music companies so being involved in post production has giving me a avenue to still pursue my creativity and introduce some new ideas into my music production.” Explains Blaze Billions whose skills and interest in postproduction grows as his efforts continue to take a large part in various forms of media.

The premier single from Blaze Billions “ABOUT A DOLLAR” featuring Budda Early & Panama Redd is coming soon!